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How Many Animals Can A Forklift Lift?

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How Many Animals Can A Forklift Lift?



Deciding what kind of forklift you need for the job at hand can be tricky. If you invest in a large forklift and it’s lifting capacity is way bigger than you will need, you’ll be wasting money, but if you decide on a smaller one, you may find yourself making multiple trips which could effect your business efficiency. We’ve put together a simple guide, to give you an idea of which type of forklift would be best for your requirements and industry.

Toyota Pedestrian powered pallet truck LWE250

Maximum Load Capacity: 2500kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 6 km/h

Pedestrian operated pallet trucks, such as the Toyota LWE250 are some of the easiest forklifts to use, thanks to the ergonomic tiller arm and fingertip controls. They are also ideal for smaller spaces as the tighter turning circle allows for excellent maneuverability in limited space. The load capacity is however, much smaller than some of the larger lifting trucks. That said, it can still load up to 2500kg, which is about the same as a cubic meter of concrete, a large truck or SUV, or, if it helps you to put in into perspective – a hippo! So in smaller warehouses, this type of truck is likely to be all you will need to move stock. However if you need to maneuver heavy pieces of equipment, you will probably need to invest in a larger truck.

Toyota Counterbalance Truck7FGCU70

Maximum Load Capacity: 7000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 21 km/h

If you need a higher load capacity than a pallet truck, but still require excellent maneuverability, for tight spaces such as in warehouses or factories, a counterbalance truck – similar to the Toyota 7FGCU70 – is the ideal solution. This forklift has SAS (System of Active Stability) technology, which allows the compact truck to lift and transport up to 7 tonnes, without the danger of it tipping. That’s the equivalent of almost 3 cubic meters of concrete, or even an African elephant! It also features specially designed compact cushion tyres, which enables these heavy loads to be lifted on single wheels, making it ideal for block stacking environments where space is limited.

JCB Rough Terrain Forklift 940

Maximum Load Capacity: 4000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 29 km/h

A rough terrain forklift, like the JCB Rough Terrain Forklift 940, is more often utilised in construction and demolition, rather than warehousing. This is because it offers maximum stability on uneven or unstable ground, even when fully loaded. And with a top speed of 29km/h it can cover greater distances quickly, which is especially useful on large building sites where heavy materials need to be transported. The load capacity of 4000kg is much higher than the pallet lift truck, which is roughly the same as lifting a small motorhome, 4 pallets of bricks or even 2 white rhinos!

JCB Telescopic Handler Forklift 550-80

Maximum Load Capacity: 5000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 29km/h

An average telescopic handler, such as the JCB 550-80, has a similar lifting capacity and top speed as a rough terrain truck, but it allows the loads to be lifted much higher. This means that heavy materials or pallets of stock can be lifted down from high stacks easily and safely, without the danger of tipping the truck. The maximum load these types of forklift trucks can handle is about 5000kg, so it can carry a tonne more than a rough terrain truck. This means it can carry up to 125 long concrete posts, the equivalent of 2 cubic meters of concrete, or, in case you were curious – 10 polar bears!

Hubtex Industrial Side Loader

Maximum Load Capacity: 50,000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 24 km/h

An industrial sideloader truck offers one of the largest lifting capabilities of any forklift, and its flat lifting bed, enables the even distribution and safe transport of very long loads. The load capacity ranges from 2 to 50 tonnes, which is similar to a fully loaded oil tanker or a sperm whale! This makes its load capacity much higher than most industries would require, but the main benefits are its side loading ability and lift height of 9 meters, making it ideal for loading in narrow aisles, such as in workshops or warehouses.

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