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Why Do You Need First Aid Training?

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Why Do You Need First Aid Training?

The Facts

The St Johns Ambulance recent hard hitting campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of first aid, revealed that lack of first aid training means that every year in the UK up to 140,000 lives are lost, that could have been saved – which is the same as the amount of people that die from cancer.

Everyday many of us take steps to lower our chances of contracting cancer – quitting smoking, eating healthily and exercising more. So why is it that in an emergency situation, that is just as likely to occur, we’d be helpless? Less than 1 in 5 people have a basic knowledge of first aid, so if someone we cared about, worked with or passed on the street fell ill suddenly, we’d have no skills to provide help.

The Threats

Things like choking, strokes, heart attacks, allergic reactions, falls and head injuries kill thousands of people every year, lives which might have been saved if someone present had enough basic first aid knowledge to understand what was happening and how to react.

In the case of sudden illnesses, such as a heart attack, the casualty will have a much better chance of recovery if there’s someone available who can provide immediate first aid. The same is true of strokes, the 3rd most common cause of death in the UK. It is essential the symptoms are recognised and that the right medical treatment is sought quickly – a delay in getting help can result in long-term disabilities or death.

So you can see why, even if you work in a low risk environment, first aid training is still essential, especially when we consider that many people suffer from on-going medical conditions, such as asthma, epilepsy or diabetes.

The Solution

The first couple of minutes following an accident, injury or illness are the most crucial. Ensuring you provide the appropriate response can significantly affect the outcome of the situation. But in order to do so, you must be able to identify the problem and have the skills to provide the right treatment.

Workplace regulations set a minimum number of first aiders to have in any environment, based largely on hazard level, ascertained through a risk assessment and number of staff. As an employer it is your responsibility to adhere to these minimum first aid requirements, and you must remember that even in a low risk environment with only a few staff, you still need to ensure:

  • You have a fully stocked first aid box
  • You have an appointed person to take responsibility for all first aid arrangements
  • Your employees have all the necessary information about your first aid arrangements

Although the minimum first aid requirements do not necessarily include trained first aiders, it is always recommended that you have someone available that can provide emergency treatment. Ensuring someone has enough knowledge to take control in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life and death should someone fall ill, get injured or have an accident.

First Aid training is essential, whether your employer provides it as a matter of duty or, as a member of the community, you don’t want to be a helpless bystander. There are many courses available to you, as an employer or a member of the public, whether you want to gain a basic understanding or an in depth knowledge, all of which could prove the difference between life and death:

  • First aid at work
  • Paediatric first aid
  • First aid for the general public
  • Health and safety training

Health and Safety Training Ltd

There are many companies that can supply the training you need but, for first aid at work, contact an experienced company that can tailor a course to suit the risks in your individual environment, as well as the threats that could affect any one of us, at any time.

And remember that your training will not only help your employer adhere to their legal duties, but could one day help to save the life of a friend, family member or even a total stranger.

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