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Who Needs Health & Safety Training?

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Who Needs Health & Safety Training?

Regardless of whether you’re an employer, self-employed or an employee at a large company, understanding the benefits of health and safety training is essential to being part of a low-accident workplace. In this article, the Health & Safety Training team is going to be covering why health and safety training is so important and who in your organisation needs to have it.

Why health and safety training is so important

Between 2020 and 2021, 142 people were killed due to workplace accidents in the UK. Given that we’re talking about actual fatalities here, this number is still far too high, despite the fact that it has been declining over the past couple of decades.

Health and safety training, then, is about arming the UK workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to put themselves in a position to identify and avoid workplace hazards, ensuring that accidents and fatalities are minimised as far as possible.

Here are some of the clear benefits of health and safety training:

  • It will help keep your employees free from harm by teaching them how to identify hazards.
  • It will promote a positive culture in your workplace that puts health and safety at the top of the priority list.
  • Keeps you on the right side of health and safety compliance.
  • Ensures that your business avoids the emotional and financial stress of workplace accidents.

Who needs health and safety training?

Your employees: Of course, it goes without saying that your employees will require health and safety training. Ensuring that as many of your employees as possible stay up to date with health and safety legislation and best practice will go a long way to reducing the number of workplace accidents you experience.

Self-employed people: Just because someone working for you is treated as self-employed for tax and national insurance purposes, this doesn’t mean they won’t be treated as your employee when it comes to matters of health and safety. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential that you take appropriate action to protect them and provide them with the necessary health and safety training.

Managers and supervisors: Given that managers and supervisors have a great deal of power in the workplace, it’s important that they are abreast of the latest health and safety tips and techniques. This will mean they can pass on the information to employees if they need to and manage hazards appropriately.

Business owners: If you’re a business owner and you want your employees to take health and safety training seriously, it’s important that you also take part in the training. This will help foster a health and safety culture in your workplace, something which will have a huge positive impact.

Getting health and safety training will also ensure that you know how to get help from your trade association or your health and safety enforcing authority, as well as being able to properly consult your employees and their representatives.

Health & Safety Training is the largest and most sought-after training provider in the North East of England. If you think that your employees could benefit from health & safety training, or any other on-site training for that matter, all you have to do is get in touch with us and a member of our friendly team will happily assist you.

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