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What is a Vehicle Banksman?

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What is a Vehicle Banksman?

Vehicle-banksmanOne of the most important jobs in any workplace, such as a building site or loading bay, is a Vehicle Banksman.

A Vehicle Banksman is the person who is in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles on a work site, particularly large cranes during loading and unloading.

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A Vehicle Banksman will be the eyes and ears of the crane or truck driver and make sure any manoeuvres they make are safe and don’t put the driver or anyone else in danger. The Banksman communicates with the driver via a radio link or pre-arranged hand signals. By doing this the Banksman can inform the driver of what is going on around the vehicle since they may not have a complete view or clear visibility. A Vehicle Banksman can also be called upon for many other duties such as directing traffic in and around the site. As such they are sometimes also called traffic marshals.

Vehicle Banksman Training

The importance and responsibility of this job means it requires Banksmen to be fully trained. In turn, the training for any Vehicle Banksman needs to be thorough and comprehensive. It’s essential to have knowledge of all the health and safety aspects associated with this job. This includes things like:

  • Knowing what responsibilities a Vehicle Banksman has
  • The main causes of accidents
  • How to prevent common accidents
  • Understanding equipment and machinery
  • The correct procedures for manoeuvring equipment

It’s a job which is always in demand and highly valued, not just by employers but by work colleagues. According to statistics, nearly one in four deaths which involve a vehicle at work, are when it’s reversing. It’s easy to see, with this fact alone, why a Vehicle Banksman has such an important role to play in any work area.

Why do you Need a Vehicle Banksman?

As well as deaths and injuries, there can be significant and costly damage to vehicles and other on-site equipment in an uncontrolled environment. A Vehicle Banksman has the important responsibility of trying to ensure these accidents don’t happen. The other side of this is that being a Vehicle Banksman can be an extremely rewarding job, one which repays training with giving any individual a fulfilling, rewarding and satisfying role in the workplace.

With training and qualifications, a Banksman can be vital in a number of different working environments such as docks, factories, loading bays and storage depots. Places such as building sites, for instance, which often have large vehicles, trucks, diggers and cranes all in one relatively enclosed space need a good Vehicle Banksman to take control and direct vehicle operations. In simple terms, the better the training, the better the Banksman – which is why when it comes to training you should make sure you always go to a recognised training company which is well respected within the industry.

Health & Training Safety Ltd have been providing a wide range of health and safety training courses, including Vehicle Banksman training. Once you have your qualifications from a provider like us, employers will know you have the much desired skills and knowledge necessary to perform the job you apply for to the highest industry standards. Get in touch with the team today to learn more.

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