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Unemployment in the North East is the Highest in England

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Unemployment in the North East is the Highest in England

Unemployment figures are a constant cause for concern, and for good reason, with 1,583,576 people currently out of work in the UK, which is a huge rise of 15,000 in the first quarter of this year. And that’s not to say that those in employment are better off, with the average pay increase at just 0.4%, even though inflation is at a steady 2.8%.

This news follows on from our latest Infographic on UK Unemployment, as the most affected area, according to new information from the Office for National Statistic (ONS), being the North East. With a noticeable decline in the number of people working in construction and significant rises in youth unemployment, there are nearly 100,000 people are out of work! This is even more concerning when you consider it is one of the smallest regions in the UK, with Scotland’s unemployment figure at just over 130,000, despite it having a population twice the size.

One of the hardest hit areas is Hartlepool, with over 10% of men out of work and more than 5% of women. Construction, which has always been a staple industry in the region, is a largely male workforce, so it’s easy to see how the ONS are reporting that as much as 7.4% of male workers in the North East are currently looking for jobs. But that isn’t to say that women aren’t struggling to find work too, with women’s unemployment reaching a 25 year high and 60% of any new private sector jobs going to men.

In the North East 3.5% of women are out of work, bringing the overall figure for the region to 5.4%, which is well above the average for England which is just 3.7%, and well over other areas with places like the South East as low as 2.4%.

This means that more and more people are turning to the benefits system to survive, putting more strain on the area’s resources. But there is hope! Training organisations such as Health and Safety Training Ltd are offering fully funded and part funded training courses that will give people the skills and qualifications they need to stand out in a sea of unemployed people.

So if you are unemployed, on active benefits and living in the North East of England, you may be eligible for free forklift training that will really boost your CV. The EDI QCF Certificate Qualification in Plant Operations, which trains you to operate a forklift truck, a telescopic forklift truck, a cherry picker or a scissors lift, will lead the way to all manner of jobs in construction, warehousing, retail and demolition.

Not only will it teach you to prepare and operate the machinery, but it will also give you the skills you need to conform to general safety in the workplace and undertake efficient working practices, making you an asset to any employer.

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