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Support Your Local Businesses

Here at Health and Safety Training Ltd we are dedicated to supporting our community throughout the North East, by training individuals and businesses that are giving back to the local area.

Although supporting society has always been something close to the core of what we do, The Great Business Debate campaign recently launched by the CBI, is helping us to understand our involvement in the wider community and how we can help to ensure the success of our region alongside the businesses we work with.

The Great Business Debate

The main aim of the campaign is to help the public realise what a substantial contribution local businesses can make to their local community, given the right support. The more independent people and organisations that opt to work with local companies, rather than large national corporations, the more benefit the wider community will feel.

Construction Industry Boost

The value of the local construction industry best illustrates this, and is of course, something that the team here at HST Ltd know the most about. The construction industry generates a great deal of economic activity, with an estimated £3 million generated in the wider community, for every £1 million invested in construction.

This means that by choosing a local firm, who employ workers from the area, and subcontract to other local firms and source materials from local suppliers, the benefits from one project can be far reaching. It will not only benefit the companies involved, but the workers via the expanding local job opportunities, and the wider local economy as more money comes into – and stays in – the region.

Reduce Unemployment

If an area is experiencing a high unemployment rate, a boost to the economy through construction projects can really help. It will create much-needed jobs and because of the fast-paced nature of construction, these opportunities for employment develop much quicker than in other sectors. Local firms often take on apprentices, providing the training and experience young people need to become contributing members of their community, setting up the next generation with a viable career.

How can you help?

It’s thought that only about half of people believe thatbusiness makes a positive contribution to society, so The Great Business Debate campaign is all about raising the profile of local businesses by proving their worth in relation the the wider economy.

As a business owner you can do your bit to help by building relationships with other local organisations, whether that’s using a local company like HST Ltd to train your new and experienced staff, sourcing you materials locally and even subcontracting any additional work to smaller, local firms.

By sharing your success with the businesses in your area, you’ll be directly contributing to the economic growth of your community, providing long-lasting opportunities for everyone involved.

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