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Lorry Loader (HIAB) FAQs

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Lorry Loader (HIAB) FAQs

What is a lorry loader?

A lorry loader is a piece of heavy machinery that uses hydraulic attachments to pick up and deposit material onto a long bed at the rear of the vehicle.

What is a lorry loader used for?

The loading and unloading of the lorry is a swift process which helps minimise delays and waiting times during a construction project. A lorry loader takes on the tasks of moving large amounts of material to, from and around construction sites. Their usage saves a lot of time and also multiple trips, allowing labour to be focused on other areas of the project.

What material can a lorry loader carry?

Lorry loaders are used to transport large varieties of materials, including dirt, snow, gravel, sand, woodchip, asphalt and even logs and raw minerals. The largest loaders are also used for salvage operations, so they can pick up and carry huge objects that would otherwise be immoveable.

How big is a lorry loader?

Lorry loaders are large vehicles, with the beds of the trucks reaching six metres in length. The entire truck usually weighs around 18 tonnes with an empty bed. The size of these loaders means that great care has to be taken when using them for a project. All access routes must be wide enough to accommodate the lorry, and there must be no obstructions whatsoever.

What does HIAB stand for?

It’s rare that material handling is mentioned without HIAB being spoken of, and that’s because it’s the main authority on these kind of vehicles. HIAB initially stood for Hydraliska Industry AB, but it was then shortened to simply ‘HIAB’. HIAB was founded by Eric Sundin in 1944, who devised a way to use hydraulics as the main mechanism in loader cranes.

Do I have to be qualified to drive a lorry loader?

Those wishing to operate a lorry loader should have completed training in the setting up, assessing and executing various lifting processes. An NPORS Trained Operator Card for Lifting Loads using a Hook is available for those who have completed this training programme. The course includes teachings on loading and unloading the lorry, carrying out minor service work and safe pre-shift inspections, as well as providing a complete understanding of the responsibilities that lie under relevant health and safety legislation.

How much can a lorry loader carry?

Lorry loaders can carry huge amounts of materials, and they are split into three categories. Light capacity loaders can carry up to 12 tonnes of material, with medium capacity loaders able to hold 12-30 tonnes. The biggest vehicles, large-capacity loaders can hold more than 30 tonnes, which means they are a very popular choice for things like salvage and rescue operations.

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