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HSE Consultation on First Aid Changes

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HSE Consultation on First Aid Changes

On the 22nd of October 2012, the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) began a consultation into the proposed changes to health and safety law recommended by The Löfstedt Review in November 2011.

The Consultation CD248 is seeking opinions and responses to the proposal that first aid training no longer needs to be approved by the HSE for it to be considered legally sufficient. They believe the change to first aid law will benefit businesses, and hope the result of the consultation will help them to gauge the popularity of the proposal and public response to the changes.

The HSE are also inviting responses to the review of the Approved Code of Practice and the content of revised guidance to support employers with the changes. So they want to know what information businesses require to assist them when assessing their own, individual first aid requirements and circumstances, and how to choose the right training provider and course.

“We believe this amendment to the First Aid Regulations will give businesses greater flexibility in choosing training and providers that are suitable for their workplace.”

Andy McGrory – HSE Consultant Manager

The proposed changes will mean that there will have to be significant amends to Regulation 3(2) of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, with the aim of making it easier and more straightforward for businesses to understand and conform to health and safety law.

The HSE are keen to reassure that the standards of first aid training will not slip as a result, and that they will still be monitoring companies closely to ensure that they are meeting satisfactory first aid requirements.

Consultations like this are designed to get feedback on proposed or new policies from the people actually affected by them. They can have a massive influence on future laws, regulations and recommendations, as well as the information and facilities available to those who have to comply with the policy, and who may even have to change the way they work to do so.

The consultation closes on the 3rd of December, so if you run a business, or you believe this legislative change will affect you, make sure you have you’re say.

Health and Safety Training have been supplying HSE approved first aid training for many years, and our excellent track record and pass rate prove our dedication to providing quality, tailored courses that reflect our learners’ needs. So you can be sure that when the law does change, we’ll continue to look after the best interests of our customers and their employees.

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