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7 easy ways to improve your warehouse safety today

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7 easy ways to improve your warehouse safety today

Even if you think you have your health and safety covered, there’s always room to improve!

Nothing beats the experience you’ll gain by undertaking a professional training course, tailored to the safety needs of your business, but here’s few quick tips to help make sure you’re keeping your staff as safe as can be.

1. Floor marking tape


You should already know that keeping your pedestrian staff separate from your vehicle and forklift operators is essential to avoid dangerous collisions, but implementing safe routes and traffic lanes needn’t be costly or complex. With floor tape, you can mark out areas of your warehouse to keep pedestrians out of harms way and ensure vehicles stay on the right side of the path. The best thing about using tape, is that it can be easily and quickly changed to suit a new layout or system of working, as and when you need to operate in different areas.

2. Guardrails


Installing guardrails may well be a necessity according to your risk assessment, especially if you use forklift trucks or ride-on pallet trucks. If you position guardrails on ramps, and corners, they will slow down your vehicle operatives forcing them to concentrate on corners or areas where manoeuvring space is tight. They can also provide added protection for pedestrians as drivers won’t be able cut corners or drift into pedestrian zones.

3. Bright Clothing

Vehicle-banksmanChances are you already use hi-visibility vests and hard hats where required, but the next time you order uniform or PPE, be sure to go for the brightest colour options, rather than standard. This will help to ensure staff can always be seen.

4. Clear aisles

Manual Handled Forklift

Clutter and waste in aisles presents a whole host of hazards! From fire risks caused by the loose materials, to trip and slip hazards and distractions for drivers which could lead to collisions. Keeping your aisles clear and clean is one of the most effective things you can do to uphold good health and safety, it’s also quick and easy to do with a little cooperation from coworkers and good guidance from managers.

5. Lighting


Gloomy corners, broken lights and dark aisles make it very difficult for both pedestrian workers and forklift operatives to identify hazards. Ensuring you use quality lighting, possibly even LED lighting if you are concerned about energy costs, will ensure all areas are properly illuminated so your workers can clearly see each other and avoid potential risks.

6. Safety Signs

Fire ExitSafety signs are a legal requirement in most warehouses. It’s important to display as much information as possible to alert workers to possible dangers and which precautionary steps to take to avoid them. Signage should be placed wherever there’s a risk, but be careful not to over do it – too many signs could mean the most important messages are easily missed and could even cause a distraction to drivers.

7. Team Meetings

Forklift Safety Training

One thing that is unlikely to be a requirement is regular team meetings, but it can be one of the best ways to effectively communicate any new risks or changes to your safe system of work. By regularly reminding your workers to stay safe you will be fulfilling your duty to make everyone aware, and keeping health and safety at the forefront of your operations by reinforcing the message every week or so.


Health and Safety Training Ltd

To find out more about how to keep your warehouse safe, simply get in touch with the team at Health and Safety Training Ltd. We’ll be happy to discuss your training needs, and recommend the right courses for your workplace – from risk assessment training to help you identify hazards, to forklift operator courses tailored to your requirements.

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7 easy ways to improve your warehouse safety today

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